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  • Snowden: *leaks the scope and depth of the governments spying operation and flagrant violations of civil liberties*
  • Public: Who cares? If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear!
  • Donald Sterling: *has his private conversation leaked without his consent*
  • Public: OMG that white racist needs to lose his team! Racists have no right to privacy, and anyone that disagrees is a bigot!
  • JLaw, et al.: *nudes get leaked*
  • Public: This is an outrage! Where is their right to privacy!?! As always, men are to blame for perpetuating this kind of misogyny.

Ran out of time yesterday but now she’s back in action.


SBR, trying out the Lancer Advanced Warfighter Magazine. With Centurion Arms rails, Vltor stock, Tangodown furniture & Aimpoint sight.

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New Side Charger Billet Receiver……

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~follow for more soft rally~


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A SWCC member mans an M240N .7.62mm machine gun while conducting live-fire immediate action drills Aug. 11 on the riverine training range at Ft. Knox, Ky.

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but do aliens believe in me….

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Nothing’s easy.

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